My About Me Page

2020 Has Changed Me!

2020 has changed me‚ I lost my dearest dog Shadow she was 19 years old black Samoyed American Eskimo rescue. Then a few months later my father died from lung cancer. My oldest brother passed away 8 months after from bladder cancer. I was devastated and dealing with complicated grief. One of the things that brought me peace peeling back the layers of emotions was the core of it all love.

You will see many hearts in my collection as a tribute to my father who helped me start my jewelry business. And to my mother the first to wear my designs. And my auntie Sharon and my cousin Tammy for being my biggest fans and supporters of my jewelry. The heart is the universal symbol of love. In these trying times and loss comes strength and renewal finding strength within. Let my heart give you peace and love and give you strength. Let my heart be a constant reminder to find what you love. May you hold it and count your blessings. Love is where miracles and healing happen. Give it as a gift to someone who needs love too